If you are planning boat transport to Italy for your yacht or other large water craft there are a few crucial details to get a handle on before you ever move the craft from its current location. The two key choices you should research immediately are container shipping or roll on/roll off placement. Many people choose roll on/roll off for cars and trucks that can be driven onto the ship and then to a secure spot below decks.

You may also be able to arrange boat transport to Italy in an ocean container. With either type the boat is protected from all elements – rain, sun, sea spray etc. Keep in mind that container shipping generally allows you to send other personal belongings in that container. With roll on/roll off shipping you are not allowed to pack the yacht with shippable personal items that aren’t directly associated with your use of the boat. Check with the ship company or your professional shipping service to find out what is allowed.

One of the key details for boat transport to Italy is taxes. Make sure you understand all the requirements for bringing a valuable vehicle or craft into this country. In fact, the first thing to do is make sure the registration, license and taxes are all covered and well documented before the craft leaves home. Having these items in place will help you avoid delays at the port in the U.S., for example, or at the receiving end, in Italy. This includes any import taxes or duty costs applied by Italy.

It’s always a great idea to get quotes and information from at least three professional shipping companies or freight companies. There are service companies that have moved yachts and other valuable craft from the U.S. to Italy for several years, taking care of all the details for the owner. So, if you are involved in boat transport to Italy, it may be wise to contact these experts and discuss what they can do for you.

You should have all the required registration, license and tax documents on hand, from the day you start to plan boat transport to Italy. Whether you decide to make arrangements on your own or enlist the help of a professional boat-shipping service, you will need current and accurate documentation. *Never leave original documents in the craft during shipping. The originals should only be in the hands of the owner or designated representative. Personal identification will be essential when the craft arrives in Italy.

Many professional shipping-service companies urge their clients to arrange additional insurance for the yacht or vehicle being shipped so that it is covered when stored during the entire shipping process. In some cases, this type of insurance can be purchased with a deductible as low as $500.