Cost of Car Shipping To Switzerland

It is better to carry your car with you when you move to Switzerland if you intend to use the car in Switzerland. Depending on the car and its age, it may be cheap to bring the car with you rather than buying a new car in Switzerland. If you own expensive cars, you don’t want to discard the car and you should consider shipping the car to Switzerland. Car owners who own rare collectible cars don’t want anybody to handle their car and hence, they too wish to import cars. The cost of car shipping to Switzerland is determined by the type of import, size of the car and age of the car.

You can choose to import your car in RO/RO vessels if you want to save money on car shipping. In this method, your car is driven to the port and then secured to RO/RO vessel safely. At the destination, you can drive the car back to your home. If you want to provide significant protection such as weather shield to your car, you can use container service provided by car shipping companies. The cost of car shipping to Switzerland will be high if you want to use exclusive containers to your car. Maximum protection is given to your car in the exclusive containers.

You should ship your car to major dry ports of Switzerland such as Zurich, Geneva or Basel to make the car import process easier. Other smaller ports require you to obtain necessary permission beforehand in order to import a car. The moving cost for shipping cars to Switzerland is greatly influenced by the import duty you will have to pay.

Cars that are more than six months old can be imported to Switzerland without paying duty fee and VAT as it is considered as your personal item. You can drive the duty free car for one year with foreign license plates and you are not allowed to sell, loan or rent your car during this period. Within a year, your car will be inspected by motor vehicle department and Swiss license plates will be issued after which you have to pay 100 to 700 Francs as Swiss road tax.

Once your car is shipped to destination port in Switzerland, you should contact customs authority who will evaluate the tax amount you have to pay. You must also be prepared to let your car be inspected technically by the officials to ensure compliance with the Switzerland standards. Cars that don’t comply with the standards will not be allowed for use on roads and hence, get help from the moving company to prepare your car for import to Switzerland.

Customs duty is determined based on the weight of the car and capacity of the engine. Non standard accessories must be removed before importing car to reduce weight. 4% of the worth of the vehicle is collected as consumption tax in Switzerland. You also have to pay a 7.5% VAT for importing all cars. You need to get report 13.20A for registering your vehicle in Switzerland and you should pay 15 Francs as a fee to get this report.

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