Export Cars from eBay

If you are planning to export cars from eBay or have plans to purchase a vehicle on eBay and ship it to a foreign country, don’t be too anxious about getting it done. While there are essential details that must be covered when shipping a valuable vehicle overseas, the process has been somewhat fine-tuned in recent years.

In fact, eBay offers a summary of information about shipping vehicles that are purchased from this online source. For example, it’s possible to export cars from eBay using roll on/roll off service (car is driven onto ship) or container service (which also allows some personal items to be packaged with the car in a dedicated container).

In addition, several specialty companies have information sites that specifically mention eBay. They have done this in an effort to establish in the customers mind a connection between online purchases and international shipping. In fact, some companies will assist with auction purchases, putting them at the starting point for automobile shipping. Most of the shipping service companies have established contacts with eBay as well as with the major ship companies. In addition, some companies purchase and hold vehicles, allowing you to buy and ship directly from their warehouses.

When planning to export cars from eBay auctions, it may be wise to contact shipping companies that offer port/dock agent service in most of the major cities, such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and others. Of course, arrangements must be made for moving the car from the original location to the port. Before moving the vehicle, be sure all the registration, title and tax documents are in order. This will help you avoid delays during land transit, at the dock and on arrival in another country.

Some car export companies specialize in new luxury automobiles, as opposed to vintage and classic cars. It’s a good idea to do some homework and discuss your needs with two or three car-export specialists so that you get the best service at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that, with valuable vehicles, the cheapest service is not always the best. Ask about U.S. sales tax on vehicles purchased for export. Some companies don’t charge this tax if they handle your vehicle from start to finish.

You will need to arrange: pick up and land transportation from the seller’s location; delivery to the exit port; customs documentation and costs; container, covered storage, roll on/roll off etc.; off-loading in destination country and land transportation. While the time and effort to export cars from eBay used to be a bit more demanding, in the last few years technology has improved and this option has become much more popular. Not only is eBay purchasing more reliable, companies have specialized in auction purchases and exporting. As one buying/shipping service emphasizes, the buyer should ask plenty of questions upfront, to eliminate delay and to find the best “partner” to export cars from eBay.

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