International Car Shipping Rates

International car shipping rates are about price, of course. It’s important to find the lowest cost for moving a valuable vehicle, yacht or other large item from one country to another. Fortunately, in the current competitive market of international shipping it isn’t too difficult to find a reasonable price from a company that has plenty of experience in moving valuable items across the ocean. But finding the right price can be even smoother and more efficient with the assistance of a specialty shipping-service company.

No matter which way you decide to go – a freight-service company or self-directed shipping you will be pleased to know that the Internet has made it much easier to find the information and the numbers you need. Companies that work at all levels of the industry are eager to provide international car shipping rates. Making the right choice among these companies can save you hundreds of dollars. But you have to do your homework first.

If you have a car or truck at an inland location you can certainly drive it to the port for loading at an arranged time. This may be the least expensive option if combined with roll on/roll off service or Ro/Ro. This means that the vehicle can be driven onto the ship and secured in a location below deck, protected from weather and the salt of the sea. However, this is just one alternative when searching for international car shipping rates. If you don’t have the time to drive the vehicle to the port there is the door-to-door shipping option. You may want to include the information and costs of container shipping in your plans as well, just to be sure that you have all the numbers you need to make a wise decision.

Here are a few details to cover when making plans and budgeting for international car shipping rates:

  • Start planning three months or more ahead of time. Prices will definitely increase if you choose one of the busier months or have to make arrangements at the last minute and have to take one of the last spots available. Company representatives will be able to help you choose an “off” time to save some money.
  • When asking for quotes from shipping companies or freight companies, have information about the distance and destination, the type of vehicle, condition of the vehicle, etc.
  • As you figure your complete costs, make sure to include insurance for the vehicle as well as liability insurance. Insurance coverage should be provided from original location to final destination!

Most of the companies provide online, interactive calculators so that you can figure your international car shipping rates within a few dollars. If you have problems, a representative should be available to answer specific questions. You may also want to look at air-cargo shipping as an alternative. Shipping time is considerably shorter, of course, but costs may be higher. Ocean shipping varies considerably, depending on starting and ending locations. However, prices can range from $500 to $2,000 or more for sending a mid-size car from New York to a European location. Be sure to figure in on-land costs after arrival.

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