Ship Boat

One of the difficulties faced by boat owners shipping boats from US to Europe are all of the fees that quickly pile up. Transport costs, import and export taxes, and customs duties can quickly accumulate and are hard to keep track of. Fortunately, USA-Europe Shipping takes care of all of the difficult logistics of international boat shipping by offering low-priced all-inclusive shipping packages, which are guaranteed to have no hidden costs. When shipping with our company, you can be assured that you will not have to pay any additional fees, and all details are disclosed to you in writing.

Boats shipping from USA to Europe can be done by 2 types of vessels. Roll-on Roll-off vessels require no special handling as boats are loaded/unloaded by the port workers. Our job is simply to get the boat to the port. The other common vessel used for international boat shipping is the container vessel. Boats are first packed inside the ocean container and are secured. Both types of boat transportation are equally safe and make shipping boats from US to Europe much easier.