Ship RV

Where do you look when you want to ship your motorhome or travel trailer to Europe? If you want to ship RVs internationally you need to have a company such as ours to handle booking, transportation and paperwork for you. USA-Europe Shipping is accustomed to transporting motorhomes and travel trailers from USA to any country in Europe. We are familiar with the international Customs charges and codes as well as the various duties and taxes involved.

One of the cheapest ways to ship recreational vehicles internationally is by means of ocean vessel. You have an option of packing your travel trailer onto an ocean flat rack container or shipping it on a specialized ship that uses a “roll-on roll-off” method for loading vehicles. This method is when the RV is driven or towed onto and off the ship on its own wheels. We have experience and the required knowledge to safely deliver your motohome or travel trailer from USA to any location in Europe. Either method can be used – it all depends on the carrier of your choice.