Overseas Shipping to Italy

While the import restrictions for small gifts and other items are not strict, with overseas shipping to Italy there will be important documents and details required to ship vehicles, yachts and larger equipment. Keep in mind that, if the item being shipped will be used by an Italian company the process may need to be handled by an importer. Customs controls are considerably stricter than they were just a decade ago.

Overseas shipping to Italy can be much less stressful and will take less time if all the necessary registration, tax forms and other documents are in place before the item or items being shipped move from their original location. Whether you decide to make all the arrangements yourself or get the help of a professional shipping-service company, you should be able to come up with approximate costs using the calculating software offered on many sites. Of course, if you have questions or doubts about the costs involved, you should always contact the shipping company or freight-forwarding company directly.

Costs vary considerably with overseas shipping to Italy but people can generally send a larger vehicle (such as a mid-size car) to a European destination for $900 to $2,000. Total price will vary depending on starting location, whether land transportation is required on either end of the trip and whether special insurance and storage costs are involved. If you are shipping household items, furniture etc. it’s best to get quotes from at least two cargo/container companies.

There are several options for shipping overseas to Italy, all of which should be considered if you plan to remain in Italy and have items transported from the United States, for example. When making the choice between container shipping and roll on/roll off shipping, keep in mind that you will not be allowed to pack your vehicle with personal items if it is to be secured on an inside deck with roll on/roll off service. When you reserve a dedicated container you are paying for the space within and may send items other than a vehicle or large furniture.

If you are an Italian citizen may be required to prove residence abroad for more than 18 months in order to import a vehicle. Importation of new vehicles is generally discouraged by the Italian government and the resident manufacturers. Be sure to clarify the importation requirements as one of the first steps in planning shipping overseas to Italy. If you are a non-Italian resident remember that all documents used for bringing vehicles must be original. Even notarized copies will not be accepted.

If all the registration, ownership and tax documents are made available before the shipment arrives, you may not have to present them again or review them with a Customs agent when the cargo arrives. Make sure you have sufficient marine insurance to protect the value of any cargo you ship. When shipping overseas to Italy this insurance should be arranged in addition to any vehicle insurance and land-transportation insurance.

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