Ship a Car to England

When it comes to ship a car to England, there are some specific pieces of information needed to make the process go smoothly. Some of the important details will be available from the Customs agency. Basic documentation should include original bills of lading, vehicle registration, sales and tax forms and, of course, the proper Customs forms. It may also be a good idea to have originals and clear copies of insurance documents and any other identification papers for the owner and individuals involved in the shipping process.

Let’s look at an example of how to ship a car to England, as a way to cover some of the important details. Assume that you are living in England and are a resident of that country. You have purchased a particular car from a private seller through a reliable auction process and want to have the vehicle delivered to your door. This has been done successfully many times in the past, but only when all of the necessary steps are taken.

If you will have a transport/shipping company pick up your car from the owner’s site and transport it to the dock or airport, you must be sure that the individual driving or transporting the car has accurate and complete sales receipts, vehicle registration papers, title/title applications, proof of insurance etc. Putting all these items in place well ahead of the shipping date will help you avoid delays later. If the car and its documents are safely delivered to the port/dock for shipping, you will need to be sure that the proper fees, customs forms and shipping orders are on hand. * When you ship a car to England, don’t put original documents in the vehicle, except for those that are supposed to be there, at the direction of the customs and shipping staff.

You should decide on whether to use container shipping or roll on/roll off shipping, making this decision at least a couple of months ahead of time. With roll on/roll off service the vehicle will be driven onto the ship and secured out of reach of the weather and elements. If you choose a dedicated container the car will be placed inside and the container secured on deck. Roll on/roll off shipping is generally the least expensive way to transport a motorized vehicle.

One of the key elements when you ship a car to England is the import clearance. A government agency is in place for the purpose of assigning and approving such documents as the European Certificate of Conformity or Individual Vehicle Approval. This process is under the watchful eye of the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA). When you make arrangements to bring a vehicle to England, find out what is required by the VOSA. Keep in mind that cars travel on the left side of the roadway in England. Headlight and fog light design can also present some use issues.

Costs to ship a car to England vary depending on the starting point, but estimates range from a few hundred dollars to $2,000 for door-to-door shipping. With the many details involved in transporting cars across the ocean it may be wise to enlist the aid of an experienced transport company or shipping agent.

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