Shipping Vehicles to Spain

Most car dealers, auction houses, collectors and transportation companies are familiar with shipping vehicles to Spain and other countries. European buyers and collectors regularly purchase automobiles from U.S. sellers, for example, and have them delivered to the continent, all without traveling overseas.

Among the key elements in making a purchase and shipping vehicles to Spain:

  • Make sure the registration, title and tax documents are all in order before the vehicle moves from the seller’s location. You may experience delays if problems are discovered while the vehicle is in transit.
  • Settle most or all of the questions about registration, title and taxes in Spain before the vehicle leaves the dock in the country where it was purchased.

  • Shop around for insurance that will adequately cover the vehicle at all points along the way. Be sure that your liability to other property is included.
  • Get a firm commitment on costs of land transportation, port and dock fees, off-loading charges and so on.

Some people with experience in shipping vehicles to Spain report that insurance has traditionally been easy to obtain. Significant savings are possible, depending on the company and whether you buy it from certain online brokers. You may find that slightly different insurance arrangements are best if you spend six months or more in Spain during a calendar year.

Many vehicle owners who do stay that long take the step of registering and insuring their vehicles in Spain. This may save time and expense arranging foreign-soil coverage from the homeland insurer. In addition, you should find out all you can about “residencia” requirements. Keeping a foreign-registration car in Spain can be expensive and some drivers have been delayed or had the car impounded until all the documentation is cleared.

When shipping vehicles to Spain, pay particular attention to the cost of buying a car in Spain when you are a U.S. resident. Car purchases in this European nation generally carry a heavy tax. Weighing all the options and associated costs is highly recommended. Estimates of the cost of shipping vehicles to Spain from the U.S. are about 1000 Euros but this fee may vary with the details of shipping certain cars. Some companies will charge slightly more or slightly less.

General guidelines for shipping vehicles to Spain state that there is a six-month period for getting the vehicle into the country and getting the Spanish license plate installed. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the required documentation for shipping vehicles to Spain. This country has a reputation for a complex bureaucratic process, with more forms to fill out than some other locations. But the people in the government and agency offices tend to be quite helpful.

As you begin your plans for shipping vehicles to Spain, be sure to cover the details of Spanish port and dock requirements, fees and taxes. Professional freight companies that specialize in vehicle shipping can answer many of the questions you may have.


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