International RoRo Services from USA

When considering shipping a vehicle, yacht or other large item, it may be wise to consider international RoRo services from USA. RoRo or roll on/roll off shipping has distinct advantages that other methods are not able to offer. Several reliable service companies with long experience offer RoRo as one of their options. While smaller items, perishable goods and large lots might require special packaging, secure packaging or container shipping, RoRo is suitable for shipping many items overseas.

When looking for international RoRo services from USA, focus your attention on companies that offer this rather simple, inexpensive method yet treat your contract with all the care and attention it deserves. With roll on/roll off shipping the vehicle is driven onto the ocean-going vessel then secured to the various inside decks, away from the elements – rain, snow, wind, sea spray, sun etc. While you may leave factory accessories, spare tire and so on with the vehicle, shipping arrangements do not include packing the car, truck or saddlebags with personal items.

In the last few decades, international shipping has made many changes to accommodate such requests as international RoRo services from USA. Some companies ship to dozens of countries and include hundreds of ports on their options list. But there is one element that should be at the top of the priority list when you start to plan for ocean shipping – time.

Individuals and companies are constantly urged to start their planning process very early. Nearly every company includes a disclaimer of sorts that states RoRo vessels and shipping space are subject to availability. In other words, don’t expect to contact the cheapest company or the first name on the Internet and immediately get the date and price you want. A few companies request two weeks advance notice, while others ask for a couple of months notice.

An individual or small business that is planning to use international RoRo services from USA for the first time should also keep in mind that ocean shipping services work with large clients and regular clients who have a lot of the details ironed out long before they need the service. A new shipper should allow extra time for making arrangements, completing required documents etc.

Here a few of the registration, documentation and fee items that should be covered without fail:

  • Make contact with a company after comparison shopping and asking questions then complete a pre-shipment request with deposit.
  • This puts you in the hands of staff member who can walk you through the next steps. One of the most important in the modern world is security and identification. This will involve personal/business identification, vehicle registration and identification etc.
  • Special requirements, if any, for the particular vehicle or vehicles. Companies offering international RoRo services from USA deal with heavy equipment, cars, trucks, yachts, motorcycles etc. so they can answer questions about size, space, protection etc. *Make sure you have liability insurance that covers possible damage to other property.

Basically, international RoRo services from USA will not be unusually complicated and it should be less expensive than some other forms of shipping. When in doubt ask, even if you have to enlist the aid of a shipping-services company.

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