Moving from USA to Europe

Moving USA to Europe is not an easy decision and the entire moving process is inherently stressful. Planning is very important for any move and especially for international move you have to plan well in advance. All the logistics can be handled by the shipping or moving company you choose, provided you choose a company that is right for the job. Comparison shopping is the best way to find affordable moving quotes. Not all moving companies charge the same price and hence, when you look around, you can easily get better moving quotes. Never choose a moving company without insurance just because it is cheap.

Even though you have hired the best mover, the chances for goods getting damaged or stolen are high during international shipping. The insurance you buy covers damages and losses caused to your goods during international moving. Various types of insurance policies are provided by moving companies. Basic liability for your household goods is not sufficient especially when you move expensive furniture or electronics. Replacement value protection is the most desirable option for international shipping while moving from USA to Europe. However, this costs extra amount. You may attempt to increase deductibles to up to $500, but make sure that you will be able to take care of deductible payments.

You need to hire auto transport companies if you want to import vehicles to Europe from USA. For the shipping insurance to cover shipped goods, you need to do professional packing. There is nothing wrong in saving money by doing packing on your own for local moves. However, for international moving such as moving from USA to Europe, you need to hire professional packing services. Items that are packed tight appropriately can only handle moving stress. Normally, international shipping takes about 2-3 weeks and you should be ready to face unforeseen delays. Moving cost is charged based on the weight and volume of goods transported. The minimum cost varies from $1000 to anywhere near $2000 depending on your destination in Europe.

When you are moving shipments to Europe from USA, your documents must be prepared appropriately. Import duty and taxes may have to be paid in the European ports to get the goods to your new home in Europe. Aside from import duties, value added taxes and other miscellaneous charges will be charged especially when you are moving from a non European Union country such as the USA. When shipping vehicles such as a car to Europe, they must be modified to cater to the European standards. Registration must be done in Europe after car import to drive the car on the European roads. Further, car insurance must also be purchased before driving the car.

Depending on the type of cargo you move from USA to Europe, various import laws apply. A good moving company will take care of all these clearance issues and help you in preparing forms that are required. Itemize all the goods you move and make sure that you check the conditions of the items in Europe after they are delivered to your home. If you find disputes, you have to note them down before paying for the movers so that insurance claims can be made later.

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