Ship Car

Car shipping from USA to Europe is now extremely easy and cost effective because of auto shippers service companies. Our company offers two options for shipping cars overseas, and both have specific advantages. The easiest way to ship your car is on a Roll-on Roll-off ship. Roll-on Roll-off ships are found in many major ports in most countries, and most have ships leaving about every ten days. You simply drive your car to the port, and the port workers drive the car inside the ship and secure it. When the car arrives, you will be notified, and you simply must come to the arriving port and pick it up.

The other option is container shipping. In container shipping, your car is loaded into a container at a US regional warehouse, and is then shipped to Europe on a container ship. One advantage of container shipping is that you can fill the container with additional items, so it may be more cost effective. USA-Europe Shipping is an excellent choice for international car shipping, and we are ready to help you today with your car shipping needs.