Ship a Camper Roll-on Roll-off From America

Bringing any large vehicle to your location requires patience and planning. This is certainly true when you want to ship a camper roll-on roll-off from America. Whether the item is a car, truck, camper or other large piece of equipment it’s important to have a number of essential details in place before making any moves.

With the amazing changes in technology in the last couple of decades, it is now possible to bring any vehicle to another country from the United States, without having to travel out of your hometown. When it’s time to ship a camper roll-on roll-off from America, you can make the arrangements for transporting, securing and delivering the camper by computer and telephone, allowing you to concentrate on just a few details that you have to handle yourself.

This is certainly true if you decide to take care of the land transportation, port delivery, shipping etc. on your own or if you get the assistance of one of the experienced transport companies or shipping-service professionals located around the globe. In the particular situation of planning to ship a camper roll-on roll-off from America, the process is not complex.

But first, make sure that you have the original registration and tax documents in order for the camper. While you won’t be sending these with the camper on the ship you should have them available to present in person or in the hands of your designated representative. The people transporting the camper to the sending dock and picking it up at the receiving dock should always have legitimate, current identification.

You should definitely make arrangements with the port authority and customs personnel well ahead of time. In fact, the process should be started two or three months in advance. If you use a transportation or shipping agent/service, they will have plenty of experience putting the necessary schedules and documents in place.

When you ship a camper roll-on roll-off from America the camper will be moved onto the ship and secured below on a protected deck, away from rain, sun and the salt-spray of the ocean. Keep in mind that almost every roll-on roll-off arrangement prohibits packing the vehicle with personal items that aren’t associated with the camper itself. This differs from dedicated-container shipping. You can ship other items in the container you reserve. *Check with the shipping company or transport company if you have doubts about what is allowed and what is not.

One other factor you should consider in your plans to ship a camper roll-on roll-off from America: cost (of course). While this will vary depending on the final destination, estimates range from $1,500 to $5,000. If the vehicle or camper is in good, drivable condition roll-on roll-off service may well be the least expensive option. Be sure to include insurance in your cost estimates so the camper is covered from start to finish. If you purchase from an auction or private individual, it may be wise to enlist the help of a shipping service company that has worked with these sellers before.

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