Automobile Transport USA – Italy

When you are moving to Italy, you may wish to carry your car or other vehicle you already own. This is a good decision if your vehicle is not too old and you love to have your car with you wherever you go. Many people have collectible cars and automobiles that they don’t want to miss. While relocating, you have to find ways for automobile transport from USA to Italy. Thankfully, there are auto shipping companies that safely ship your vehicles to any worldwide destination and these companies are fully equipped to do automobile transport.

Automobile transport to Italy is simple if you are from a European Union country. When you transport automobile from USA, tax exemption for cars is allowed only if your vehicle is at least one year old. You can also get exemptions for cars that have run for six thousand kilometers. The customs clearance fees and tax duty depend on the make of the car. European cars are not taxed too much because they meet the standard EU requirements. Otherwise, you need to make modifications to your car so that your car meets the standards specified in Italy. You should make sure that the modifications are completed before car registration because car imports for cars that don’t meet the standards are more expensive.

Only a resident of Italy with a residence certificate is allowed to transport automobile from USA or any country. After you arrive at Italy, you need to get tax code at the provincial tax office for car import. Also, you have to get an identification certificate from the traffic control authority of Italy to register your imported car. To clear customs once your car arrives at the Italy port, vehicle ownership document must be submitted. Certificate of origin pertaining to the car is also required. Vehicle identification number must be legibly present on all vehicle related documents. Moreover, a car imported to Italy can’t be sold within a year.

In Italy, cars are driven on the right side of the road. Seat belts and child protective restraints should be present in the car. Car import is not prevented by dimensions, special lighting or color of the car. To drive the car in Italy, you need to buy insurance and get vehicle registration number.

The moving company handling auto transport from USA to Italy should be able to help you with the documents and customs clearance. Unless you hire reputable movers who know what they are doing, you can’t expect professional assistance. The moving company requires copies of all documents for customs clearance. Keep the originals with you. Shipping insurance is very important as you are shipping one of your expensive possessions, your car. You need to pay for the shipping in full before auto transport to Italy and hence, you need a reliable mover. The moving company should be easy to contact and you need current status update about your shipment at any time you want.

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