Boat Shipping Quotes To Europe

Boating is a favorite outdoor activity for many people. Buying a boat isn’t inexpensive and you won’t be interested in buying a new boat when you have to relocate to Europe. You should really think about shipping your boat to Europe when you are moving. Now, many auto transport companies provide boat shipping quotes to Europe and they safely ship your boats to the destination of your choice. With the advancements in the shipping technology and equipments, it is possible to ship a boat of any shape, weight, and size.

Once you have decided that you want to ship your boat, you should start looking for shipping companies that have the ability to ship a boat overseas. You should be careful with the choice because many auto transport companies that ship cars may not provide boat shipping, especially if your boat has specific needs. You should get boat shipping quotes to Europe from at least three international shipping companies that have relevant experience in shipping boats. It is crucial that you find the right moving company to do the shipping because damages caused to boat while shipping may be very expensive and boat shipping requires expertise.

The boat you own must be prepared for shipping and this must be done by an experienced boat yard. You can also prepare your boat for shipping under the supervision of a licensed marine surveyor. All the hatches must be secured tightly so that wind driven water will not damage the boat. Everything present in the boat cabin should be secured and the locker doors must be locked. You should never keep loose items in cabin because while shipping, loose items can get damaged easily. Batteries in your boat must be removed and cables must be tied avoiding any kind of contact.

Before loading your boat for shipping, you should inspect the boat for damages. This must be done by a professional who knows well about boats. The companies that provide boat shipping quotes to Europe will come to your home to inspect the home. A bill of lading will be provided after inspecting the boat. You should keep this document safe because when you pickup your boat at the destination, you should use the bill of lading to check for possible damages.

You should shrink wrap your boat to avoid any damage that can be caused by weather conditions. This will protect your boat while shipping it. When you have boat cradles, it is better to ship your boats in cradles because they are designed exclusively to hold the boat in place. You can also use your own trailer to ship boats internationally. The moving companies that ship boats to Europe won’t assume any responsibility if the integrity of your cradle or trailer is damaged.

The companies that give you boat shipping quotes to Europe must have proper license to ship boats. You should also make sure that you get marine insurance options so that you can find an option that is affordable for you. Also, you should ask the shipping company to help you with the paperwork for export and import of boats.

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