Freight Forwarder Construction Machinery

For overseas export and import of construction machinery, you need to look for companies that provide freight forwarding services. Moving large machinery is not something similar to moving homes and offices. Special equipments are required to transport construction machinery for which special moving companies must be hired. Companies providing freight forwarding services also provide other kinds of logistics services that may be required to complete international shipping. The freight forwarder may not actually perform the move. The company may hire third parties for actual shipping of construction machinery. However, you don’t have to talk to third parties as the freight forwarder will take of everything required for moving.

To make moving of construction machinery possible at an affordable price, you should get freight forwarding quotes from at least three different companies. You need to compare the quotes based on the services offered and cost. You should also make sure that you are given insurance options that will protect the heavy machinery you are shipping. After comparing quotes, you can choose the best quote that is suitable for you.

Construction machinery freight forwarding can be done in three different methods.

  • RORO vessels are most commonly used if the machinery can operate on its own wheels. Since rolling on and rolling off such heavy machinery is simple, RORO vessels cost less. There may be times when the construction machinery can’t be transported in RORO vessels for lack of any such wheels. Also, RORO shipment is possible only in a few countries.
  • In that case, container shipping is the most common freight forwarding service used when the machinery can be disassembled and loaded in containers. The flat rack containers can also be used for oversize machinery. Even though it is expensive, container shipping safely transports your construction machinery.
  • Break bulk is another type of freight shipping service that is possible.

While choosing freighter forwarder for construction machinery, it is better to pay for door to door services so that the machinery is delivered to the exact destination and no third party is required to do the transportation from the port to construction site. Sometimes, storage space may be needed to store the machinery before it is delivered to the actual destination. Since freight forwarding companies provide logistic services such as warehousing and storage maintenance, you can easily ship heavy machinery overseas.

The cost of freight forwarding depends on various factors. The size & weight of the machinery are often a main parameter that influences the cost. Efforts required to load the machinery to shipping vessels also account to the total moving cost. If dedicated shipping vessels are required to make the move possible, then the total moving cost may increase.

When you are shipping construction machinery overseas, a number of documents including ownership title, insurance, bill of lading, and other machinery specific documents are required for customs clearance during import and export. A professional freight forwarding company will take care of clearing customs at source and destination ports and it will guide you through the whole shipping process. Always make sure that the company you choose is capable of handing heavy machinery transport to international countries.

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