Heavy Lift Transport to Europe

Shipping a vehicle to Europe, from the United States for example, is a detailed process that can be simplified by some careful planning. When the process involves heavy lift transport to Europe, there may be a few more details to take into consideration. Fortunately, the competitive international shipping industry has a number of excellent alternatives for getting that large piece of equipment or cargo from your site or the seller’s location to its intended destination. Start planning your shipping project several months ahead of time, do your research into shipping methods and costs, then move ahead confidently.

It may be best to start by making a short list of the different options: shipping from one continent to another; shipping by special container, roll on/roll off; special services to a specific location in Europe and so on. The key with successful heavy life transport to Europe is to find the service company that combines heavy-lift experience with careful planning of freight transport. This may be a bit different from basic roll on/roll off service available for a passenger car, small yacht etc. There will be a few extra details in the application process. Any heavy-lift specialty company should be able to provide sufficient customer feedback and testimonials about past projects.

Heavy lift transport to Europe should also be planned with the final destination in mind since the equipment and personnel experience can vary from one location to another. Europe should not present unusual difficulties since skilled lift crews have worked with such projects in military, government and private sectors. There will be some additional costs to consider as well. While sending a mid-size car from the United States to Europe might range from a few hundred dollars to about $2,000, heavy-lift projects will probably have extra cost, which is to be expected with this special category of transportation and placement.

As you plan for heavy lift transport to Europe it would be good to make necessary arrangements for special-needs cargo and cargo that may potentially dangerous. With the expansion of international companies and operations on several continents becoming more common, it’s possible to find freight-forwarding companies and ship operators that have experience with military equipment and weapons, mining and chemical transportation.

In addition to the sea-going options, it may be wise to consider shipping via one of the massive aircraft available. Of course, there may be some space limitations but the time element with heavy lift transport to Europe via aircraft is a key factor for timely delivery. With all of the logistics and special requirements of heavy-lift shipping, you may want to enlist the services of a company that has completed a number of successful voyages to European countries. Careful planning is the key in this particular type of cargo transportation.

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