Import a Classic Auto to the Netherlands

One of the best ways to learn how to import a classic auto to the Netherlands is to go right to the “horse’s mouth” so to speak. If you plan to bring a car or motorcycle into the Netherlands “it makes no difference whether you are importing it from an EU or a non-EU country,” according to information from this nation’s government (available on the embassy Web site) You will be required to obtain a permit to get it into the country tax-free.

When you import a classic auto to the Netherlands, you will be required to declare your vehicle to Customs authorities, a task that you can handle on your own by visiting or contacting the Customs office or by enlisting the help of a shipping-services company. The Netherlands also has a road tax and strict registration requirements. *Be sure your insurance is in order and up to date.

Anyone buying, selling or importing a vehicle should contact the RDW and its Center for Vehicle Technology and Information. This agency monitors the quality of all cars, trucks and motorcycles in the nation. This is a good place to start when you plan to import a classic auto to the Netherlands. Though it is now an independent agency it was once a part of the central government of the Netherlands. As most anyone knows when they purchase a classic vehicle and plan to bring it to this country, vehicles and their owners are tracked quite closely.

Classic cars have been purchased in other countries and brought to the Netherlands before, so there is no need to fear the process. In fact, one of the experienced shipping-service companies or freight companies will probably have the information you need, since it’s a good bet they have helped others import a classic auto to the Netherlands.

Among the standard details you will have to cover are:
• All registration and license information in place before the vehicle is ready to ship
• Customs clearance at both ports
• Required insurance for vehicle and for liability
• Arrangements for land transportation and storage if necessary
• Driver’s license and identification for receiving person, driver etc.

RDW agency headquarters are in Zoetermeer, but there are a few regional offices and several stations around the country. When you decide to import a classic auto to the Netherlands keep in mind that, even with all the requirements mentioned, the government tries to make the country attractive for business and commerce. The country established a new tax system in 2001 that may or may not affect the importation of a classic vehicle. However, make sure you understand all the tax requirements if you plan to sell vehicles after importing them.

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