International Boat Shippers in the USA

One of the most important parts of moving a boat of any kind to another country is seeking the assistance of international boat shippers in the USA. Many people don’t allow enough time for the planning stages of shipping a yacht, RV or other large vehicle from the United States to a European country, for example. If they would learn as much as possible about the process of transporting a boat across the ocean then talk with two or three experienced freight/shipping companies, they might avoid some of the delays and stress that can occur.

Preparation is a key in moving a large item by ship and international boat shippers in the USA are available to help. Both the boat owner and the service company or agent have to pay attention to detail and make sure all the documentation is current and in order. You should allow a couple of months, if not more, for the planning and reservation process, even if you have the help of a reliable professional. If you consider making all the arrangements on your own, you may want to allow yourself even more time.

Many marinas and private docks won’t allow just anyone to come in and move a boat. But these same marinas might be willing to work with recognized international boat shippers in the USA if the boat owner has provided written permission. Professional transport companies and agents can also help with the first step in the process: making sure the registration, license, taxes and export/import costs are paid. This will go a long way toward eliminating delays when the craft arrives at its foreign destination.

One factor to consider is the size and weight of the yacht or boat, whether it is considered over-size and whether a container, flat rack or roll-on roll-off option will be required to properly secure the boat for the voyage. This is another area of expertise that may only be available with international boat shippers in the USA. If you live in Europe, for example, and won’t be traveling to the United States to oversee the transport process, it would be wise to hire a shipping agent or service company with the expertise you need.

Because costs vary so widely depending on starting location and final destination, it’s always good to talk with two or more companies to get quotes early in the process. Representatives of international boat shippers in the USA will be able to discuss door-to-door shipping, port-to-port shipping, trailer or cradle requirements and other details that are crucial to successfully moving your power boat or sail yacht from one country to another. In addition to all the physical measurements necessary to safely ship your boat, you should take careful notes and get copies when discussing costs and methods of payment. Be sure there are no “hidden” costs that you haven’t accounted for, such as temporary storage, on-site insurance etc. Allow yourself plenty of time for planning to make the trip go smoothly.

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