International Car Shipment

While many people have to look at shipping personal items overseas when they are transferred by their employer, there is a significant part of the population that needs expert handling of international car shipment for another reason. If you live in a European country, for example, and want to bring a treasured U.S. automobile over from the United States, there are a number of companies that can help you. Of course, you may be able to take care of all the shipping details personally. If you do, make sure you do some homework first to find out just what you will need to do.

Fortunately, the competition for your business in international car shipment is very high. Not only do land and sea shipping companies want your business, but professional service companies and freight-forwarding companies also specialize in the movement of vehicles from the United States to foreign countries. These service providers are eager to provide the assistance you need to get your prized possession to your door.

Let’s get an overview of what may be involved in international car shipment, from the seller’s location to your front door.
You should first make sure that all registration documents are in order, including vehicle title, tax forms and licenses. You will also need to have the vehicle transported to the port or dock facility. Moving to and through this location will require coordination with customs agencies in both locations. An individual wishing to ship a classic car or a new car should also plan for the expense of the actual shipping journey. Roll on/roll off auto shipping will probably be the least expensive.

Car shippers should have the correct documents in hand or with the vehicle when it arrives in the destination country. Requirements vary from one nation to another so it would be wise to understand the particular requirements of the country the vehicle will arrive in. International car shipment doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive but there will be several associated costs that an individual might not plan for if he or she doesn’t consult with an experienced shipping service company or a person who has taken this step previously.

It may be tempting to go with the least expensive option when choosing a company that specializes in international car shipment. But it would be smart to go with the most reliable and/or the company with the longest record of satisfied customers. Some of these experienced service companies can plan and set up your shipping program with a minimum of information from you.

As you begin planning your international car shipment, allow three to four weeks lead time for the actual departure date. Plan for your car to be in transit for about 2-5 weeks before you expect it to reach land at or near your destination. Prices vary depending on ship availability, length of trip on the water and land transit requirements. So an individual planning for international car shipment should do some comparison shopping and ask plenty of questions before deciding on the best route to get that prized automobile across the ocean.

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