Motorhome Shipping Agent in USA

If you own a motorhome and you wish to relocate from USA, you should start looking for shipping companies that are capable of shipping your motorhome. You need to normally look for freight forwarders who will help you with shipping recreational vehicle. It won’t be necessary for you to deal with the actual shipping company because the freight forwarder will do everything that is needed to move your motor home. Since recreational vehicles are available in unique shapes and sizes, moving and shipping them overseas require special attention. The international moving company which moves your household goods may not be equipped to move large trucks and hence, you should start looking for motorhome shipping agent in USA to move RVs.

The agent from freight forwarding company will need the year, make, model and dimensions & weight of your motor home to suggest the type of shipping suitable for your vehicle. If it is possible, the motorhome can be driven to the port where it is shipped. Otherwise, you can hire trailers that can move your motorhome from your home. Fifth wheel trailers require special haulers to make the move. If flat beds are required to move the vehicle, additional cost is incurred. You should place your shipping order at least 2 weeks before your move so that you give ample time for freight forwarders to plan and organize motorhome shipping.

RORO vessels are available in some countries and you can save money by shipping your motorhome using RORO vessel. Before choosing a logistic provider or freight forwarding company, you should get multiple quotes from different companies. By carefully analyzing the quotes, you must hire a freight forwarder to do the shipping.

You should consult with the logistics provider about preparing your vehicle for overseas shipping. Some motorhome shipping agents in USA require you to disassemble moving parts from the RV to make the move easier. You should also get original title to be produced for customs clearance. Basic marine insurance offered by vessel operators is never sufficient to move your expensive motorhomes. To make sure that your vehicle is protected during international shipping, you should buy optimal insurance required.

Don’t get carried away by the estimated moving cost and estimated moving dates given by international freight forwarding companies. Various factors including load and availability affect moving time and additional fees may be charged if your motorhome has special requirements.

On the day of moving, agents from freight forwarding company will come to your home, inspect the vehicle and give you the pick up receipt before moving your RV. It is better to take photographs of your motor home in different angles and hire an experienced inspector to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. You should keep the bill of lading in a safe place, as it is required to clear customs. The freight forwarding company will help you in clearing customs both at USA and at the destination port. However, you should contact the customs offices in advance and clearly understand the documents required.

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