Moving Container to Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination and you can find a lot of job opportunities in Spain, especially if you speak Spanish. It is very common that people prefer to relocate to Spain, attracted by the beauty and culture of the country. If you have also decided to relocate to Spain, you need to consider moving options. Hiring movers that can handle international shipping is one option and doing self moving is another option.

When you hire international movers to do the whole moving, it will become expensive. If you have time and you are ready to put the efforts to do self moving, then you can consider the option of using moving container to Spain. Here, you do all the packing and loading and let the shipping company take care of shipping alone. This will save you a lot of money because you eliminate the hourly charges and packing fees incurred by moving companies.

Containers for shipping and moving can be either purchased or rented. You have to make this decision depending on your affordability and preference. If you need storage space for a longer period, then buy the container. After packing all your goods, you have to load the container. If you rent containers, you should load them as quickly as possible. Once containers to be shipped are loaded, you should call the shipping company that is moving container to Spain for you.

While packing all your household items, you should prepare a Packing List which is required at the customs office at both the source and destination, Spain. Everything that you have packed must be presented in this document. Before packing, you should ask the moving company about the goods that shouldn’t be moved. You are not allowed to move inflammable products, certain chemicals, and weapons without proper license. If you want to move your plants, you should confirm with the customs office whether they are allowed. You have to take appropriate pest control steps before moving plants.

You shouldn’t load the containers with valuable items because while shipping containers, there are chances for any mishap to occur. You should always carry valuable items and documents with you when you fly to Spain. Once the shipping company completes moving container to Spain, you need to receive the container at Spanish port. You should present bill of lading, insurance documents, ownership title, license documents, and other documents required by the customs office. Depending on the weight of your move, you may be charged customs duties that must be paid to receive the shipment. You must make sure that the moving company brings the container to your home or storage space in Spain.

Many international shipping companies that help with moving container to Spain can help with the paperwork as well. You need to ask the movers about this before you move the containers. Also, you need to ask for insurance options so that you buy appropriate insurance. Never underinsure your household goods because it may lead to serious losses when the shipment is lost or damaged.

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