Self-Pack Move to Germany

Self packing is always helpful in saving total moving cost. You can definitely save a few hundred dollars if you attempt to do packing on your own. Many times, international moving is expensive and hence, self pack move to Germany is often an affordable option. To save money and to get professional packing service, you can attempt to pack some household things on your own while get partial packing services for expensive goods like furniture and others that require special packing arrangements.

While self packing saves you cost, it increases the risk considerably. Moving companies don’t provide insurance for goods that are packed on your own. You don’t have to panic even though the chances of damages are high during international shipping. Professional packing can be done on your own if you know what you need and how you should pack.

  • Moving cost and packing hassle will be greatly reduced if you have minimal goods to be packed. Hence, before moving to Germany, find out things that you want to be moved. Sell all the other items that you don’t necessarily need in Germany.

  • Before starting to pack, ask the moving companies about the items that can be moved. Never pack any item that the moving company refuses to move. Also, pack jewelry and important documents separately and move them on your own to reduce moving risk.
  • Buy adequate packing supplies from an affordable supplier. Even though the moving company that is moving your goods can sell packing goods, you can always look around for options. Always make sure that you buy necessary carton boxes and containers that can withstand international shipping.
  • Prepare a checklist of items you want to move and start packing one by one at least a month before your move as you are going to deal with international packing. Start packing items from one room after another. Mark the carton boxes with colors depending on where the items go. This will greatly help in unloading the boxes. Always make sure that like items go together. Bedroom items must be packed separately and they must not be confused with kitchen items.
  • Use appropriate padding while you are packing delicate items such as glassware, crockery and other decorative pieces. You should always pack the boxes tightly and empty spaces must be filled with newsprint paper or other goods because you don’t want the goods packed to be scratched or damaged due to friction.
  • Furniture require large packing boxes and they must be disassembled before moving. Appliances must also be disconnected before they are packed. If you don’t have the necessary expertise to pack such hefty pieces, you can always get the movers to pack such goods. However, make sure that the items are just ready to be packed before the movers arrive.
  • Tape the packing boxes securely and use as many boxes as required. Double boxes are usually used to pack delicate items. When you have to move plants or pets, ask the moving companies about the ways to pack such goods.
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