Ship Heavy Machinery to Europe

Many of the requirements to ship heavy machinery to Europe are the same as with transporting a car or small truck. There are several registration and customs items to be covered no matter the size of the cargo. In every case, the equipment owner should be sure to have up-to-date registration and insurance information, with original documents available for inspection when a customs agent or shipping official asks to see them.

It is generally less expensive to transport motorized vehicles with roll on/roll off service, so this may also be practical when you need to ship heavy machinery to Europe. If the machinery can be driven onto the ship and secured on an inner deck, this could save a considerable amount of money over container or flat rack shipping, for example. These are questions that can be answered by shipping and transport agents who make all the arrangements for you, as well as by the shipping company itself.

Shipping companies and agents can help you arrange ocean freight, air freight as well as land transportation for your equipment. With new equipment it may be necessary to crate or cover certain items as well. Among the documents required to ship heavy machinery to Europe are dock/port receipts, bills of lading, original registration for each item, export declarations and customs forms.

It is always wise to have current, original insurance documentation available as well. This includes blanket coverage for marine shipping, for example. In most cases, the ship company is only liable for a minimum amount under its insurance. Shipping and transport service companies can also assist with preparation and filing of letters of credit and other financial documents. In addition, it may be necessary to arrange specific documents with the government of the destination country.

When you arrange to ship heavy machinery to Europe be prepared to provide the make/model of the equipment, dimensions and weight along with a current value for each item. To get some estimate of the cost for shipping you will also need to provide the names of the originating port and the destination port.

One of the most important factors when you ship heavy machinery to Europe is the experience of the transport service or freight-forwarding company. While there may be dozens of companies to choose from when you send smaller vehicles or personal cargo across the ocean, there are fewer firms with the knowledge and experience to handle the special needs of heavy equipment owners. It’s crucial to find a company that will protect the huge investment you have in your constructions or agriculture equipment. These experienced companies will also be able to answer your questions about conformity requirements in the various European nations.

Costs will vary depending on number of pieces of equipment, point of origin and final destination. Be sure to include all import duty charges and land transportation charges in your cost figures.

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