Shipping a Motorhome to Europe

As you plan shipping a motorhome to Europe, start here: Do your homework. Find several Web sites for professional shipping/transport services and read them carefully. Make notes, lots of notes, about the various steps you will need to take to get your motorhome from one country to another. These companies have gone through this process many times and even if you decide to make most of the arrangements yourself, their Web sites hit the high spots of the shipping process.

For example, if you live in a European country and want to transport the vehicle from the United States, you should be certain that the final sales document, vehicle registration and tax forms are all in order before the motor home moves from its original location. Find out if it will be necessary to have any regional or local import permits or registration, in addition to the required customs documentation in the originating country and the receiving country.

Some European countries have dedicated registration documents and different forms for a temporary import and a permanent import. Certain nations have more complex bureaucracies, though most agents in EU countries are quite knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to shipping a motor home to Europe. Remember that there are different requirements for motorized vehicles than for non-motorized vehicles and other large equipment. For example, bringing a motorized vehicle into the U.K. might involve current documents on ownership and financing status. In addition, there may be import duties at the final destination.

*Many of the shipping/transport service Web sites have links to customs agencies in other countries. This is valuable information for someone shipping a motorhome to Europe.

When you consider moving a vehicle into Europe you may have to choose between container shipping and roll on/roll off shipping. Roll on/roll off will probably be less expensive but you will not be allowed to pack your motorhome with personal items that aren’t associated with the vehicle. With roll on/roll off service, the vehicle is secured on an enclosed deck after being driven onto the ship. It is then simply driven off at the final destination. Depending on size and other needs, container shipping might be a good choice for getting your motorhome to your location. You generally are allowed to include personal items in your container since you have paid for that dedicated space.

One other key element of shipping a motorhome to Europe is this: Will the vehicle be delivered door-to-door or simply dock-to-dock? This will significantly affect the overall cost of the process. For example, assume you purchased a new motorhome from a reliable dealer in the United States. You could arrange for the vehicle to be driven to the shipping dock and arrange for it to be driven to your door. However, it’s also possible to meet the ship at the dock and drive it away yourself. Whatever the arrangements, make sure that your vehicle is fully insured from start to finish and that you have sufficient liability insurance.

The key to successfully shipping a motorhome to Europe is allowing plenty of planning time. This means you will not be rushed and miss important details.

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