Shipping a Truck to Germany

There are a number of details that will be the same when shipping a truck to Germany or when shipping a vehicle to many other destinations. A number of individuals and companies have successfully arranged to have a large vehicle transported to Germany from the United States, for example, without having to travel outside of their home area.

In most cases, the most efficient way to accomplish this is to enlist the help of an experienced freight-forwarding/shipping services company. Some of these companies have been in operation for 10, 15 or 20 years and more, providing reliable and safe options for shipping a truck to Germany and many other countries.

When you start your plan for shipping a truck to Germany give some thought to whether the companies you contact are giving you door-to-door service or will be shipping your truck only from port to port. Obviously, there will be considerable differences in time and cost. A complete plan for shipping a truck to Germany should include:

  • Completing registration, title and tax forms before the vehicle leaves its current location
  • Details for transporting the vehicle on land so that it arrives in time for port/dock shipping. This may include short-term storage at the port facility.
  • Secure shipping (roll on/roll off, container etc.) on board the ocean-going ship. *Be sure proper insurance coverage is arranged for the ocean voyage.
  • Storage and/or transportation at the destination port. Include time and costs for land transportation in Germany.

While there are no definite limitations or restrictions for bringing vehicles into Germany, you should always make sure the necessary registration and importation documents are in order. Remember these two German details: distances are measured in kilometers rather than miles per hour; there is a motor vehicle tax that must be paid within a short time of arrival. Check to be sure you satisfy the requirements of the Export Control List (especially Item 5400). Be sure you understand the Import Duty cost.

Shipping a truck to Germany (and other countries) requires current photo identification for the person who will be receiving the truck and taking it from the possession of the shipping company or other shipping-service company.

Most of the experienced companies involved in shipping a truck to Germany provide a check list for some details that might be considered “minor.” These include: winterization of the vehicle if applicable; quarter a tank of fuel or less in the vehicle when it is shipped; personal possessions are not part of roll on/roll off shipping but you may be able to send personal items if you have a dedicated container; have marine-shipping insurance in place in addition to necessary vehicle insurance and liability insurance.

As a final note, be sure you have researched any German-government requirements on fuel-powered vehicles. This will help avoid delays when the shipping a truck to Germany.

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