Shipping Cars from America

Many Americans move from their own country to another for professional and personal reasons. In any country, you need a car to drive on the roads, but the decision of shipping cars from America shouldn’t be taken without considering all the possibilities. Almost all countries in the world allow tax free import of old cars as old cars are considered as a part of the household. If you don’t qualify for such duty free import of cars, you have to pay hefty import duty and it may become expensive. You won’t have another option rather than car shipping if you own an expensive or a collectible car.

Shipping cars from America is not complicated. You have to provide proof of ownership of cars to export cars from America. You need to submit the original title issued by department of motor vehicles in your state. Manufacturer’s statement of origin, salvage certificate, or scrap certificate can also be submitted if you don’t have ownership title. Older vehicles with no title from US need to submit the registration plus notarized bill of sale at the customs office during export. You don’t have to pay tax for your vehicle as long as your vehicle is motorized or towable.

Additional documents may be required for shipping cars from America if your car is financed and you are making the move. Your creditor should give letter of authorization to export the vehicle and notarized copy of the vehicle title. Bill of sale and identification proofs such as passport copies may be asked by the customs officials.

Many international car shipping companies in America provide RO/RO and container shipping service for vehicles transported from America. You can choose Roll on and Roll off shipping service to safely ship your vehicle at a lower cost. However, the availability of RO/RO is dependent on the destination to which you are shipping cars from America. Container shipping is the safest way to transport your car, but you have to pay more for this type of shipping. You can load the container with other household goods along with the car.

You need to hire an auto transport company to ship your car from America. Trucker will come to your home and move the car to the port where your car will be loaded in containers. Export customs clearance must be completed at the American port from which your car is loaded. Then, the container will be shipped to the destination. The shipping company which ships your car will give you bill of lading and ownership documents will be returned to you.

You should make yourself or your agent available on the date of delivery of your car. From RO/RO vessel, your car will be unloaded directly at the port and containers will be delivered to the warehouse. Storage fee will be added to your bill if you delay pickup of your car. Before picking up your car, you should clear customs by paying necessary fees and taxes and submit necessary documents. You should check with the destination customs office to be clear of the paperwork and your shipping company will help you with this.

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