Shipping Cars to Italy

While shipping any large item, such as a car, truck or yacht, can be challenging, shipping cars to Italy can be easier with the help of experienced shipping-services companies. If that isn’t your choice, it would be wise to work with the advice of someone who has shipped vehicles to this region, so that you can avoid delays and make sure all the documentation is in order.

From the beginning you should consider a few major details:

  • Will you be shipping cars to Italy door-to-door or will you be shipping port-to-port?
  • Will it be necessary to reserve a closed container or will roll on/roll off be right for your purpose?
  • Do you have the vehicle registration in order, along with tax and license documents?

One of the facts you should know about shipping cars to Italy is: if you are a resident of a European Union country you should be able to import a vehicle without paying duty costs if the vehicle is six months old or older and has more than 6,000 km on the odometer. Those who are not an EU national must have documentation showing that they have owned the car for a year or longer to avoid the duty costs.

Shipping cars to Italy without traveling to the United States, for example, can be a rather smooth and safe process if all the important details are covered. With an experienced shipping-services or freight company these items are covered from start to finish. But the vehicle owner should always learn as much as possible about the process, even if the shipping is in the capable hands of professionals.

It is important to:

  • Do some research to find the most efficient and reliable method of moving your vehicle on land and on the sea. The best choice might not be the least expensive.
  • Settle the details of vehicle registration and taxes before the car moves from its original location.
  • Make sure you have finalized details for storage and handling at the port/dock on both ends of the trip.
  • Be sure to have sufficient insurance for the vehicle as well as for your own protection (liability).

There may be some particular requirements for various countries. This is essential information for the owner and it should be clear before the car moves to the dock. The Italian government liaison for transportation and commerce should be able to provide this information about shipping cars to Italy or should direct you to the correct office.

In the past two or three years the cost of shipping cars to Italy from the east coast of the United States has been about $1,500 for roll on/roll off and as low as $1100-$1200 inside a shared container. While this seems like a ferry trip the vehicles are secured and protected from the elements. Be sure that there are no liens or limitations on the vehicle title that could delay movement of the car.

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