Travel Camper Transport to Ireland

If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, you will probably have a travel camper that you love to exploit when you are camping. Camping holidays are more enjoying and relaxing, particularly if you are not the type of traveler who wishes to plan the itinerary and then plan traveling. If you are moving to Ireland permanently or for vacation purpose and wish to take your motor home with you, you need to know about travel camper transport to Ireland. Traditional car shipping companies will not be able to ship your travel camper unless it is very small. You need to look for dedicated companies that can transport your motor home.

Preparing your travel camper for transporting is a very important step. You should ask the shipping company transporting your travel camper to Ireland about specific requirements that pertain to Ireland. All the doors, windows and cabinet doors in your recreational vehicle must be taped. Removable items such as antennas, propane gas bottles and other units must be removed. Pictures and other hanging items that may go loose during shipping must be removed. The shipping company won’t take responsibility for items left in the travel camper. You should not ship any other household item with the travel camper.

You won’t have numerous choices for shipping companies capable of transporting travel campers to Ireland mainly because not all companies are capable of doing it. There are different types of motor homes and you need to make sure that the shipping company is able to move your motor home. Class B and 5th wheel trailers can be transported using travel trailers while class A motor homes need drive away services. Minimal insurance that covers damages caused to the travel camper during shipping may not be sufficient. To ensure maximum protection of your RV being shipped, don’t hesitate to buy additional insurance though it may increase the moving cost.

When you are doing travel camper transport to Ireland from a foreign country, you have to submit ownership title for the recreational vehicle along with insurance documents. You need to get vehicle registration document as well as certificate of permanent export document from your source country. You have to fill out VRT4 from in Ireland if your travel camper is a used one. Depending on the length of your stay and condition of your camper, VRT will be charged after VRO inspects the vehicle.

After paying VRT and tax, registration number will be assigned to the vehicle. If you are permanently moving to Ireland, you need to get registration plates from motor dealer in Ireland. Also, you have to apply for motor tax and get Irish registration certificate to use your camper in Ireland. The shipping company that performs travel camper transport to Ireland will take care of documents required to complete shipping. Make sure that you get hauling services to get your travel camper moved to your new residence in Ireland. It is better to appear in person at the customs office in Ireland when your RV reaches Irish port.

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