USA Boat Shippers to Sweden

Carrying your recreational boat to Sweden when you are moving from USA will be a part of your moving plan. It is worth spending to move your boat because boats are expensive in Europe and you can’t simply trash a used boat just because you are relocating. Moving boats economically is possible with reputable USA boat shippers to Sweden. These people will take care of your boat from your home and make sure that your boat reaches you in good condition in Sweden. You can do temporary as well as permanent export of boats to Sweden depending on your preference.

Finding USA boat shippers to Sweden takes some time because not all companies are capable of shipping boats internationally. While many moving companies can provide car shipping and even motorcycle shipping, boat shipping has special demands. Boats either sailor or motor, are available in different shapes and sizes. Further, preparing the boat is a tedious task. Shrink wrapping boats when they are shipped internationally is recommended, but you have to do it properly if you don’t want the boat to be damaged during shipping process. You should make sure that the moving company you select for shipping your boat is very well aware of the requirements of international boat shipping.

Sweden is a member of EU and people exporting boats from EU countries will have tax advantages. When you are moving your recreational boat from the United States, you have to inform the Swedish port about the import of your boat. Your USA boat shippers to Sweden will take care of contacting the customs office and telling the estimated delivery date of your boat. Once the boat arrives at Swedish port, customs duties and taxes must be paid. For boats, VAT is determined depending on the age and weight of the boat. Further, additional tax and fees may be charged to let you take the boat into Sweden and use it inside the country. Testing of your boat will be done at the customs office before clearing VAT status.

Documents required for shipping boat from USA to Sweden include original registration document for the boat, insurance policy documents, and radio license used in the boat or ship. Also, you need to submit radio operator’s certificate for one of the crew members who will be onboard when the boat is set to sail. The USA boat shippers to Sweden handling international shipping of your boat will be able to help you with the documents required.

Preparing your boat is very important to ensure damage free shipping. You should ask your USA boat shippers to Sweden about how to prepare your boat. Normally, movers want you to remove all loose items from the boat. Non-detachable items must be secured safely using tapes. You need a valid marine inspector to inspect the boat and validate the condition of the boat before shipping. Keep the bill of lading provided by the shipping company in a safe place and buy optimal marine insurance that will cover the full value of your boat because you should be prepared for unforeseen natural calamities that may affect your boat when it is on the oceans.

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