International Car Shipment

While many people have to look at shipping personal items overseas when they are transferred by their employer, there is a significant part of the population that needs expert handling of international car shipment for another reason. If you live in a European country, for example, and want to bring a treasured U.S. automobile over from the United States, there are a number of companies that can help you. Of course, you may be able to take care of all the shipping details personally. If you do, make sure you do some homework first to find out just what you will need to do.

Fortunately, the competition for your business in international car shipment is very high. Not only do land and sea shipping companies want your business, but professional service companies and freight-forwarding companies also specialize in the movement of vehicles from the United States to foreign countries. These service providers are eager to provide the assistance you need to get your prized possession to your door.

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Import a Classic Auto to the Netherlands

One of the best ways to learn how to import a classic auto to the Netherlands is to go right to the “horse’s mouth” so to speak. If you plan to bring a car or motorcycle into the Netherlands “it makes no difference whether you are importing it from an EU or a non-EU country,” according to information from this nation’s government (available on the embassy Web site) You will be required to obtain a permit to get it into the country tax-free.

When you import a classic auto to the Netherlands, you will be required to declare your vehicle to Customs authorities, a task that you can handle on your own by visiting or contacting the Customs office or by enlisting the help of a shipping-services company. The Netherlands also has a road tax and strict registration requirements. *Be sure your insurance is in order and up to date.

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Automobile Transport USA – Italy

When you are moving to Italy, you may wish to carry your car or other vehicle you already own. This is a good decision if your vehicle is not too old and you love to have your car with you wherever you go. Many people have collectible cars and automobiles that they don’t want to miss. While relocating, you have to find ways for automobile transport from USA to Italy. Thankfully, there are auto shipping companies that safely ship your vehicles to any worldwide destination and these companies are fully equipped to do automobile transport.

Automobile transport to Italy is simple if you are from a European Union country. When you transport automobile from USA, tax exemption for cars is allowed only if your vehicle is at least one year old. You can also get exemptions for cars that have run for six thousand kilometers. The customs clearance fees and tax duty depend on the make of the car. European cars are not taxed too much because they meet the standard EU requirements. Otherwise, you need to make modifications to your car so that your car meets the standards specified in Italy. You should make sure that the modifications are completed before car registration because car imports for cars that don’t meet the standards are more expensive.

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International Car Shipping Rates

International car shipping rates are about price, of course. It’s important to find the lowest cost for moving a valuable vehicle, yacht or other large item from one country to another. Fortunately, in the current competitive market of international shipping it isn’t too difficult to find a reasonable price from a company that has plenty of experience in moving valuable items across the ocean. But finding the right price can be even smoother and more efficient with the assistance of a specialty shipping-service company.

No matter which way you decide to go – a freight-service company or self-directed shipping you will be pleased to know that the Internet has made it much easier to find the information and the numbers you need. Companies that work at all levels of the industry are eager to provide international car shipping rates. Making the right choice among these companies can save you hundreds of dollars. But you have to do your homework first.

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Shipping Vehicles to Spain

Most car dealers, auction houses, collectors and transportation companies are familiar with shipping vehicles to Spain and other countries. European buyers and collectors regularly purchase automobiles from U.S. sellers, for example, and have them delivered to the continent, all without traveling overseas.

Among the key elements in making a purchase and shipping vehicles to Spain:

  • Make sure the registration, title and tax documents are all in order before the vehicle moves from the seller’s location. You may experience delays if problems are discovered while the vehicle is in transit.
  • Settle most or all of the questions about registration, title and taxes in Spain before the vehicle leaves the dock in the country where it was purchased.

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Cost of Car Shipping To Switzerland

It is better to carry your car with you when you move to Switzerland if you intend to use the car in Switzerland. Depending on the car and its age, it may be cheap to bring the car with you rather than buying a new car in Switzerland. If you own expensive cars, you don’t want to discard the car and you should consider shipping the car to Switzerland. Car owners who own rare collectible cars don’t want anybody to handle their car and hence, they too wish to import cars. The cost of car shipping to Switzerland is determined by the type of import, size of the car and age of the car.

You can choose to import your car in RO/RO vessels if you want to save money on car shipping. In this method, your car is driven to the port and then secured to RO/RO vessel safely. At the destination, you can drive the car back to your home. If you want to provide significant protection such as weather shield to your car, you can use container service provided by car shipping companies. The cost of car shipping to Switzerland will be high if you want to use exclusive containers to your car. Maximum protection is given to your car in the exclusive containers.

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