Ship Heavy Machinery to Europe

Many of the requirements to ship heavy machinery to Europe are the same as with transporting a car or small truck. There are several registration and customs items to be covered no matter the size of the cargo. In every case, the equipment owner should be sure to have up-to-date registration and insurance information, with original documents available for inspection when a customs agent or shipping official asks to see them.

It is generally less expensive to transport motorized vehicles with roll on/roll off service, so this may also be practical when you need to ship heavy machinery to Europe. If the machinery can be driven onto the ship and secured on an inner deck, this could save a considerable amount of money over container or flat rack shipping, for example. These are questions that can be answered by shipping and transport agents who make all the arrangements for you, as well as by the shipping company itself.

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Freight Forwarder Construction Machinery

For overseas export and import of construction machinery, you need to look for companies that provide freight forwarding services. Moving large machinery is not something similar to moving homes and offices. Special equipments are required to transport construction machinery for which special moving companies must be hired. Companies providing freight forwarding services also provide other kinds of logistics services that may be required to complete international shipping. The freight forwarder may not actually perform the move. The company may hire third parties for actual shipping of construction machinery. However, you don’t have to talk to third parties as the freight forwarder will take of everything required for moving.

To make moving of construction machinery possible at an affordable price, you should get freight forwarding quotes from at least three different companies. You need to compare the quotes based on the services offered and cost. You should also make sure that you are given insurance options that will protect the heavy machinery you are shipping. After comparing quotes, you can choose the best quote that is suitable for you.

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Heavy Lift Transport to Europe

Shipping a vehicle to Europe, from the United States for example, is a detailed process that can be simplified by some careful planning. When the process involves heavy lift transport to Europe, there may be a few more details to take into consideration. Fortunately, the competitive international shipping industry has a number of excellent alternatives for getting that large piece of equipment or cargo from your site or the seller’s location to its intended destination. Start planning your shipping project several months ahead of time, do your research into shipping methods and costs, then move ahead confidently.

It may be best to start by making a short list of the different options: shipping from one continent to another; shipping by special container, roll on/roll off; special services to a specific location in Europe and so on. The key with successful heavy life transport to Europe is to find the service company that combines heavy-lift experience with careful planning of freight transport. This may be a bit different from basic roll on/roll off service available for a passenger car, small yacht etc. There will be a few extra details in the application process. Any heavy-lift specialty company should be able to provide sufficient customer feedback and testimonials about past projects.

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Shipping Cars to Italy

While shipping any large item, such as a car, truck or yacht, can be challenging, shipping cars to Italy can be easier with the help of experienced shipping-services companies. If that isn’t your choice, it would be wise to work with the advice of someone who has shipped vehicles to this region, so that you can avoid delays and make sure all the documentation is in order.

From the beginning you should consider a few major details:

  • Will you be shipping cars to Italy door-to-door or will you be shipping port-to-port?
  • Will it be necessary to reserve a closed container or will roll on/roll off be right for your purpose?
  • Do you have the vehicle registration in order, along with tax and license documents?

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Car Shipping To Germany

Preparing your vehicle for car shipping to Germany is very important when you have decided to import your car to Germany. Depending on the place from which your car is shipped, you need to provide winter protection for your car. For example, if your car is shipped from Alaska, batteries and radiators must be prevented from freezing. The tank must be half filled so that your car can be driven to service station if needed. Never leave any of your personal items in your car to prepare your car for export to Germany. Alarm systems and other removable components must be removed.

You have to find moving companies that provide car shipping to Germany on dates comfortable for you. Operable cars are moved by any moving company, but if your car is not in an operating condition, then you should inform your movers about it. Make sure that ground clearance is done for your cars. Also, cars in Germany follow European standards and it is your responsibility to make sure that the car you intend to export to Germany meets the standards. In Germany, cars are driven on the right side of the road and measurements are kilometers and kilometers per hour.

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Shipping Cars from America

Many Americans move from their own country to another for professional and personal reasons. In any country, you need a car to drive on the roads, but the decision of shipping cars from America shouldn’t be taken without considering all the possibilities. Almost all countries in the world allow tax free import of old cars as old cars are considered as a part of the household. If you don’t qualify for such duty free import of cars, you have to pay hefty import duty and it may become expensive. You won’t have another option rather than car shipping if you own an expensive or a collectible car.

Shipping cars from America is not complicated. You have to provide proof of ownership of cars to export cars from America. You need to submit the original title issued by department of motor vehicles in your state. Manufacturer’s statement of origin, salvage certificate, or scrap certificate can also be submitted if you don’t have ownership title. Older vehicles with no title from US need to submit the registration plus notarized bill of sale at the customs office during export. You don’t have to pay tax for your vehicle as long as your vehicle is motorized or towable.

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