RO-RO Car Export from USA

When you are moving out of USA, you may prefer to take your car with you to the new destination. Cars are expensive household goods and many countries allow you to bring your cars with you when you are making a permanent move. If your car is at least a year old, you can take advantage of duty free car import in various countries in Europe. This will surely save you a lot of money on moving cars. Many people also prefer to move their antique and collectible cars from USA when they move to a new location.

RO/RO car export from USA is a very popular type of moving service preferred. In this type of moving, cars are loaded in RO/RO (roll-on roll-off) vessels that are specifically designed to carry heavy duty cargo such as cars, bikes, boats and other kinds of automobiles. These automobiles can be driven on and off the ships on their own wheels. As the RO/RO vessels are meant specifically for shipping automobiles, you can be sure that your car is safe when it is moved from USA.

RO/RO vessels are the cheapest mode of exporting vehicles from USA to Europe. Along with your car, many other cars will also be rolled on and rolled off the vessel. This way, a single cargo ship carries multiple vehicles at the same time. In RO/RO cargo, cost of shipping is usually calculated based on total size (volume) of your vehicle. Cargo length and number of decks and lanes in vessel used by the cargo is determined to calculate the cost of shipping. Weight of your car is irrelevant in this kind of RO/RO export from USA.

The moving time when you use RO/RO export from USA may differ from the estimated moving dates. Although, it’s a regular service – the vessel operator may way until required number of automobiles is loaded in the vessel, then it will start sailing in the ocean. Hence, you may have to wait for a few days at the destination without your car until your car arrives. Also, not all moving companies provide RO/RO services because of the investment required. Moreover, certain destinations don’t allow shipping cars using RO/RO vessel services. When you search for exporting your car from USA, you should ask the shipping company about the availability of RO/RO transport to the destination of your choice.

You should buy appropriate insurance for your car when you do RO/RO car export from USA. As your car is moved with other vehicles, chances for your car getting damaged are not high but still possible. Another potential issue is with how careful the port workers are when handling your vehicle. Don’t just settle down for minimal marine insurance and make sure that you have properly insured for the replacement value of your car.

The moving company will help you with all the paperwork required to export a car from USA, but you should ask their help beforehand. Also, you must do a thorough inspection of the car before and after the move to find out whether damages are caused to the car. You should keep the bill of lading in a safe place because without it, you can’t make insurance claims in cases of damages.

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